"...one of Scotland's most exciting traditional folk bands"  
TheRecord.com (Canada)

 Rallion are a three piece contemporary folk group, hailing from Glasgow and Perthshire. They bring a wide range of musical influences together to create their powerful persuasive music. Their unique sound is based around the fiddle powerhouse of Fiona Cuthill, the distinctive voice of Marieke McBean and the virtuoso guitar and bouzouki playing of Stevie Lawrence.

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2012 Dave Hunt


Comment made after Rallion's gig at Irvinve Folk Club (June 2013):

"It was a great delight to see and hear the band last night.
Three highly accomplished musicians and a lovely lead singer.
Apart from the wonderful instrumentals and beautiful singing, one thing added greatly to the performance:
Marieke sang with her eyes as well as her stylish voice!"
- Davy Andrews 


They rock!"
- Jay Moore, Cambridge Now (Canada)


"These four multi instrumental performers played together so well, 
with such sharp rhythms and  tuning, they were consistently thrilling."

 - Lismore Community Website


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